by Kathi Bishop


In counseling matters we are always looking to see what you love. Not what you say you love or what you think you love but what you really love. Functionally speaking you need to look deeper and see what you love. Why? Because we all have blind spots. This blog talks about blindness in our own hearts and who can help you clearly see.


To encourage you to get someone to help you clearly see the truth.

Another set of eyes

What do you love?  The pat answers are God, family, friends, etc.  but may I present that although you think you love those things with highest importance you really don’t. I’m not saying you don’t love God, family, friends, you do. But a majority of the time they aren’t treated as highest importance. How can you tell?

When trouble comes and you have anxiety that disrupts every facet of your life, you must look deeper.  When hardship comes and after a valid period of time you just can’t get back on track, you must dig deeper.  You need to get another viewpoint. If the dog dies or you lose your job or you argue with your spouse and you get stuck not able to move forward you will benefit by getting another person involved.  Someone else can be part of the solution. Because what you believe in your head doesn’t always translate into living it out from your heart. You may think, “it’s just a pet. I can get over this.”Or “Hey I’ve been through job loss before, it’s not that hard to get another. “ or “my spouse and I always argued this one isn’t detrimental to my life. “ But something inside just won’t let you move ahead normally. It’s your emotions. Emotions hold you captive.  Emotions just won’t let go. You had no idea that this situation would pull you down so far. In essence you have blind spots and need help.  God designed people to need one another. You and I need other people to uncover unruly emotions and help reveal blind spots.

Who to get to walk beside you?

A friend who listens to the treasures of your heart, is honest about what he sees and can help you move forward.

Do you have a friend like that?

  • A friend who can tell you in detail the story you have just shared with them.
  • A friend who isn’t too quick to give you advice but is willing to hear you out.
  • A friend who will pray to God Almighty.
  • A friend who is patient because these things take time.

If you do, nurture that friendship. This person is a treasure and deserves your time and attention. Meet with that person regularly especially when trouble hits. You will be happy if you do. You will move forward in your toughest times. You will see God’s hand upon you as He gives you a gift, a most cherished gift, a friend with a discerning set of eyes.

Unblinded loves

So you have that friend who will share life with you and help you see your blind spots.  Now pray.  Ask God to show you truth the truth about certain things in  your life. What do you love the most?  What desires do you serve and obey?  Where do you bank your hopes?  David is a good example when he prays in Psalm 139:23 “Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.”

So you have a loyal friend and you’ve prayed. Now begin meeting weekly and try to unravel those thoughts that are consuming you. Use the Word of God to guide you. “Sanctify them with truth; your word is truth.” John 17:17. God is faithful. He loves to bring you to truth.

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