by Joe Leavell

How Much is a Coke Worth?

If you go down to your local gas station, I would guess that you can purchase a large quantity of soda for a very cheap price, right? Getting a Coke at the convenience store is not a very high priced commodity, that’s for sure! Think about it for a moment, though. If you took that same Coke product and put it into a glass bottle do you think you would get the same amount of coke for the same price? No, the price of that same product that you got in a 44-ounce container has gone up considerably and you even get less to drink! If you think that price is high, try purchasing a Coke at the movies, or at a sporting event and see how much it will cost you! You see, even though it is the same product in each scenario, the price of the same product goes up or down depending on the value that we the consumer place on it. The Coke at the sporting event is higher because there is someone who is willing to pay the higher price to obtain it.

So how about you? How much are you, as a person, worth? How valuable is the human soul?

If you listen only to the culture, you could get the sense that some people are so valuable that they should practically be an object of your worship! At the same time, our society communicates to others that their lives are completely insignificant, and they are a cheap commodity. We put great value on a celebrity, athletes, wealthy entrepreneurs, and not so much value on others. We especially do not value the unborn, the sick, the disabled, the poor and marginalized, or the elderly. Children and spouses are abused and mistreated, and in many portions of the world, there are people who are still living without even the basic needs of clean water, food, shelter, and clothing.

As an example, I remember reading an article earlier this year about a four-year-old little girl who was so badly abused that when the police found her she had a black eye, swollen cheeks, and blood on her mouth. So mistreated was this precious little girl that when the police asked her for her name, she said that her name was, “Idiot.” It was the only name she had ever known and she honestly had no idea that she had any other name…let that sink in for a moment.

Does Your Life have Value?

For those of you who are my fellow nerds out there, you are probably familiar with the British TV show, Dr. Who. It’s a unique show from the BBC about an alien who is the surviving member of a race that travels through time and space observing and helping where he can. For me, one of the most memorable lines in this sci-fi show was when the Doctor makes the observation, “In 900 years of time and space, I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”

Honestly, we shouldn’t need a fictional character to remind us of this truth, but it is a profound reminder to our culture that there is intrinsic value in each human soul. Every human being is an individual who is created in the image of God, and as His creation, we each have worth that no one can take away.

Remember that the value of a Coke is not simply determined by the drink itself, but by what someone is willing to pay to obtain it. So, how valuable are we to God? Even though we turned our backs on God in rebellion, He placed such a high value and love on His creation that He was willing to pay to redeem us from our sin with His own blood! He paid the ultimate price out of His unfathomable love for you and for me. There is no greater price that could have been paid for us, which means that for the redeemed in Christ, we are of infinite value and nothing can take that away. As D.A. Carson once said, “God loves you not because you are attractive in any way but because it is His nature to love.”  We are treasured and important, not because we perform, not because we look or dress a certain way, or even because we have important connections and money. You are valuable because God is willing to pay for you with His own blood in order to redeem you to Himself!

In those moments when you think that your life is insignificant and unimportant, remember that with outstretched arms at the cross, Jesus demonstrated just how valuable you really are to Him. Your life matters!