“Vicki is an AMAZING counselor and person!!! I can’t quite express how blessed I feel to have met her! God truly used her to help me heal from the anxiety I was dealing with for SO long! At my very first session she helped me feel at ease when she started off by sharing her personal story and struggles with anxiety. At that moment, I knew that she could relate to what I was experiencing.

It was so nice to not feel alone in my struggles anymore and to have someone to talk with who actually had lived it and who understood! There are family and friends who don’t even understand what I was going through. She was so great at getting to the root of the issues I was struggling with by asking me questions that made me really think and work through all the thoughts in my head. She’s also great at suggesting wonderful books to read from her experience as a counselor. Vicki is just the most caring, loving person who really truly listens.

You will be SO glad that you came! I know I am!”