Statement of Understanding

Biblical Counseling of Arizona Statement of Understanding

    I understand that anything I tell my lawyer, clergyman, Ph.D. level counselor, or doctor as part of our professional relationship is legally “privileged” communication. That is, it is legally protected from being disclosed to anyone else, unless I give permission that the communication be disclosed to someone else, and that with very limited exception, my lawyer, clergyman, Ph.D. level counselor, or doctor cannot reveal anything they learn as part of their professional relationship with me unless I give permission that the information may be disclosed.

    On the other hand, I also understand that what I tell anyone other than my lawyer, clergyman, Ph.D. level counselor, or doctor, even in a helping or lay ministry setting such as this offered by Biblical Counseling of AZ is not legally “privileged” communication, it is not legally protected from being disclosed to anyone else.

    I request to receive services from Biblical Counseling of AZ and understand it is a Lay Ministry. I also understand and agree, as a condition of receiving these services, that the individual I will be meeting with is under the supervision of their own pastor and:

    • is not a lawyer, clergyman, Ph.D. level counselor, or doctor;
    • is not someone with whom communication is legally privileged from disclosure;
    • is committed to providing biblically based guidance to me, but cannot provide me with professional legal, mental, or medical services.

    I fully understand and agree that my communication is not privileged and is not protected from being revealed to others. That is, what I disclose to the counselor may later be forced to be disclosed to a Judge, to a law enforcement officer, or to an opposing party or to their attorney, I release Biblical Counseling of AZ from any liability for such disclosure.

    I also understand that Biblical Counseling of AZ encourages and advises me to consult with my lawyer, Ph.D. level counselor, clergyman or doctor for any professional services or counsel needed of which I intend to be legally privileged from disclosure.


    Our specific goal in counseling at BCA is to walk beside you for a period of time, reveal and/or remind you of the God of scripture and reconnect you with members of your body under your pastoral care. Total ministry of a church includes sound preaching, teaching and fellowship that biblically supports you with accountability for daily, weekly, monthly, yearly walking with Christ. If you are not attending church or if your church is not structured to provide the kind of support received at Biblical Counseling of AZ, we will encourage you to attend a Bible-believing church in the area on a weekly basis.

    I understand there will be a $40 charge for services rendered plus $2.00 service if using a credit or debit card. All extra materials needed I will be responsible to pay including books, pamphlets, and other materials my counselor may offer. This is not considered a tax deductible donation.

    By signing below, I acknowledge: that I sign this Statement of Understanding & Goal of BCA voluntarily, free from deception, undue influence, coercion, or duress of any kind, that I have given careful and mature thought to signing this statement; that I have carefully read each provision of this statement; that I fully and completely understand each provision of the statement; and that I have the right to consult with legal counsel if I choose to prior to signing this statement.

    By checking this box and typing my name below, I am electronically signing my application.
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