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I Know the Right Answer, So Why Can’t I Change?

Seek Jesus

by Joe Leavell

As noted in a previous blog post, I occasionally suffer from migraine headaches that are pretty brutal. Do I know where they come from? Yep. When I hunch over a desk, a computer, or a book for a long time it causes strain on my upper neck that will trigger eye spasms and my entire skull becoming a cramped mass of pain.

Strangely enough, I still find myself instinctively slumping forward every day. Why? If I intellectually know how to sit better and know how to keep myself from headaches, why wouldn’t I just automatically break the habit of slouching, start sitting straight, shoulders back, and do what my doctor, chiropractor, and my own mother have been telling me to do for years? The fact is, intellectual knowledge alone will never change me or stop my migraines. Knowing is a starting point, but it’s never enough.

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How Do I Know My Life Matters?

by Joe Leavell

How Much is a Coke Worth?

If you go down to your local gas station, I would guess that you can purchase a large quantity of soda for a very cheap price, right? Getting a Coke at the convenience store is not a very high priced commodity, that’s for sure! Think about it for a moment, though. If you took that same Coke product and put it into a glass bottle do you think you would get the same amount of coke for the same price? No, the price of that same product that you got in a 44-ounce container has gone up considerably and you even get less to drink! If you think that price is high, try purchasing a Coke at the movies, or at a sporting event and see how much it will cost you! You see, even though it is the same product in each scenario, the price of the same product goes up or down depending on the value that we the consumer place on it. The Coke at the sporting event is higher because there is someone who is willing to pay the higher price to obtain it.

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Emotional Storms

This blog was written by Sandy Bacon.

Monsoon season is here and the Arizona weather finally matches your mood. Though you think you’ve been able to hide it for the most part, there has been a gloom building in your heart for longer that you’ d care to admit. You wake feeling heavy despair and you can’t really point to the cause, so you push through the day with phony cheerfulness as you post pictures of your latest escapades on Instagram. Still, the darkness is beginning to overwhelm you and you’re not certain how much longer you can contain the storm building in your heart.

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Reconciling the Irreconcilable


by Joe Leavell

He thinks their teen daughter should be allowed to be out until 11, and she is completely against it. She would rather have quiet time together before the kids get up in the morning, and he prefers after the kids are in bed at night. He thinks they should get more exercise and join the gym, and she says that they can’t afford it. He wants it, again? She is too tired, again?  She just wants him to be engaged in the family and give her some rest after she’s been dealing with kids all day, and he wants some quiet time to refocus after a long day at work. She wants him to step up, show some real initiative, and lead, but he just wants her to stop nagging him all the time.

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